Kitchen Designs Inspiration 2018

Kitchen designs have evolved far beyond the time when humans first invented stove. Kitchen designs have got improved and attracted so much attention especially about aesthetic than ever before. Back then, the kitchen was just a space for people processing food. Yet now kitchen has been a part of a house that deserves fine decorating. This year’s kitchen designs have got more to the small detail and elegant-color picking as the focus.

Kitchen designs inspiration

Making a fine looking kitchen will not only impress your guests but also level up your pride since it has been a part of your house. In other words, it’s a part of you. This is not too much to say, the house reflects people’s personality. Your house was mostly chosen by your preference, so it simply symbolizes your utmost self. These are the characteristics of kitchen designs inspiration in 2018.

  1. Thematic Designs

The designs that come these days are along with the theme brought by the house thoroughly. For instance, the house that has got a vintage theme will make it goes the same for the whole rooms including the kitchen.

As for the vintage themed house, you can put Mediterranean tiles in the center spots to strengthen its spirit of vintage. The classic patterns shown in Mediterranian tiles can bring a peaceful image of the kitchen. An old touch of vintage furniture such as a rusted-looking lamp, the wooden ancient chair can put the kitchen into its soul. Moreover, adding more vintage kitchen properties will just make it more bizarre.

  1. Minimalist Look

The ideal kitchen’s appearance is the one that only put the kitchen basics, such as a countertop, sink, cooktop, and drawers. The idea is to put those many things in one place without consuming too much space.

The technology will play a big role here since innovations keep on fulfilling people’s need in many ways. For instance, a sink that will level up to the countertop when it is not used. You can just open the tap and the water will just flow as it’s watering the countertop. But fear not, the sink will automatically lower down itself when it detects water. This technology will certainly help you to get more countertop space when you are not washing the dishes.

  1. Dramatic lighting

The lamps in modern kitchens look rather than just a planted lamps, they are more to the pendants hanging along right above the countertop. These pendants will create a dramatical look in your modern kitchen. They come in various shapes like the flashlight shape – that requires more pendants in a row because they are small – or the concrete shape that requires about three pendants only with four lamps in each of the pendants.

Kitchen Colours Inspiration

You can apply those characteristics above to your kitchen to make it all looks avant-garde. Combine each idea that matches your personality rather than combining based on what seems to be the most pricey or the most sophisticated technology. Besides the kitchen characteristics of its equipment and style, you need to think about the colors as well. This is just as essential as the kitchen stuff for each color defines itself.

  • Navy Look

This look will require a navy look all over your cooktop, drawers, and cupboard to accentuate its boldness. The deep color of blue symbolizes the ocean. It reflects intuition, space, and freedom of the owner of the kitchen. Moreover, there is a research proving that blue is a color that calms people’s tension and makes a comfortable feeling for those who look at it.

  • White Variants

White has always been the most elegant color ever. The modern look in white will suit to any other color, yet white has got more than one variant such as pale powder, paper white, and a white dove.

  • Pale powder

This color brings up coziness into your kitchen in many ways. The color is somewhat relaxing for its softness. This color fits in traditional-look kitchen design. Combining it with blue or green will make a perfect natural touch.

  • Paperwhite

The white paper has got the whiter look than pale powder and it’s got soul as the palest blue. Its calming color will bring out its perfection by combining it with grey as the accent. The breezy kitchen will be perfect with this color for its muted sense.

  • White Dove

A universal color that most people use for ageless painting is a white dove. The combination of a little bit yellow or a little bit grey in your cabinets will make it more alive. This color suits the design that allows the ceiling uncovered. The upper part of the kitchen will accentuate the color of the wood which will make it look even bolder.

  1. Colorful pastels

If one color doesn’t suit you, you can always try to put more colors into your kitchen. The most used color for the modern kitchen is pastel color. Its softness carries a good vibrant into the kitchen. The tender look of pastel colors give some comforts for a good mood cooking. The most favorite pastel color for the kitchen is mint green and pastel blue for it symbolizes the nature in the gentlest way.

The pastel color is best combined with white or pale grey since it becomes the accent of the kitchen. It is not suitable for you to combine it with a darker color since it will ruin the design as well as ruin your mood just by seeing it.

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