The Latest Modern Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom has been a place for people to relax after the long work hours. Its look definitely matters considering the frequency of people using the bathroom. The modern bathroom has been a popular option for its comfort and simplicity that has got its “style” no matter the budget.

Modern Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom design can only be a personal satisfaction, but can you find something more important than your own satisfaction? First thing before you start designing the bathroom, choose the best furniture to fill it. The bathroom furniture has evolved over centuries and always bringing new ideas and fresh look that will make the bathroom owner enjoy it more.

  1. Bathtub

Back then bathtub’s form is merely oval. The modern look of a bathtub can be seen in the freestanding tub. The freestanding bathtub is more to rectangular shape rather than oval. Its comforts is undeniable since the inside of this box-looking bathtub adjusting the curve of the body. This bathtub usually stands in the middle of the bathroom rather than fixed onto the wall.

  1. Toilet

There are a bunch of options for modern toilets you can find on the internet. The latest model of the toilet is the one that uses the least water, has the most elegant look and the highest technology. The domination of the toilet color is still white, but the black toilet is also something.

The most high-tech toilet is made in Japan with features that keep on improving by days. The most wanted features today are the automatic lid opener, seat warmer, deodorizer, air dryer, etc.

  1. Mirror

Adding up a mirror to your bathroom is a nice idea to make it look more spacious. The best mirror is the floor to ceiling one. It emphasizes the great look of your bathroom although probably it’s not that big. However, if your bathroom is too small or cramped, you better don’t add up a big mirror for it will just make it look more cramped.

  1. Lighting

The bathroom doesn’t require a sparkling bright lighting. It just needs the dim and calming light as it is a place to relax and it’s not like you need a light for studying nor reading. The dim light also needs to be placed in the right places to make it great. The modern toilets usually put it behind the mirror to accentuate the frame.

Besides lamps, you can use the natural resource of the light by putting a window next to your bathtub. Choose the one that blinds from outside so you still have your privacy. It obviously only works during the daylight.

  1. Bathmat

Rather than pay for the bath curtain which somehow doesn’t look elegant, you can allocate the money for buying the best bathmat. The mat should be comfortable for your feet, fluffy and absorbing. More importantly, it should be safe so there will be no unwanted incidents in your bathroom. In addition, you need to pick the bathmat that suits your bathroom color.

  1. Towel warmer

This is for the elite touch for your bathroom. To make your towel always toasty whenever you want to use it, you can add a towel warmer into your list. Installing this equipment in your bathroom may not be cheap but it’s priceless for those who look for after-bath comfort.

  1. Underfloor heating

Sometimes it is called radiant heating. This heating system will keep your feet warm after you finished bathing. This heating system can be built for controlling the whole house temperature as central heating or localized in a particular area in the house. If you only need to warm up your toes afterbath, you can just install it for the bathroom floor. And voila! You’ve got the comfiest bathroom ever.

The Design of Modern Bathroom

The modern bathroom has got a typical look as it has modern furniture inside. What you need to do next is to arrange things you have chosen for the inside of your bathroom. Make sure that you have enough space to put the furniture if you don’t want to get cramped inside your bathroom. The modern bathroom basically has got these following designs.

  1. Mid-century Look

Natural colors, geometric shapes, and straight lines dominate this design. You’re going to need a midcentury furniture that will be the center look of the bathroom. It can be a sofa or a mini closet. You can add up the freestanding bathtub in this design. Most importantly, the concept of this design emphasizes the comfort, vintage-modern look and cleanliness.

  1. Minimalist and Elegant Look

Minimalist design has been the most favorite design for all rooms in a house. Applying it to the bathroom will be just great. The most obvious concept of this design is that space for you to move around is bigger than space for the furniture. You can still add up small touch like the picture on the wall – but not too big – and also small flower pot next to the mirror.

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