How to Keep Your Carpet Clean and Long Lasting



Carpet has become a paramount need in the houses these days. Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic for it’s less pricey than the natural ones. Moreover, the natural material sometimes causes a strong scent that might be disturbing for people who do not get used to it. Nevertheless, all kind of carpets needs to be cleaned and maintained to make it long lasting.

How to keep your carpet clean

Carpet requires more attention rather than the floor. If your house has got carpeting, it means you need to buy the cleaning equipment as well. The most important equipment is the vacuum cleaner. If you want to do the deep clean by yourself, so you need a carpet cleaner as well. These are how you keep your carpet always clean:

  1. Clean the stain once you spot it

It’s nearly impossible to always keep your carpet stain-less. There is always a way a stain can get onto your lovely carpet. The thing that you need to remember is to remove it once you see it. The longer you delay cleaning a stain, the harder the stain to get removed from your carpet.

  1. Vacuum regularly

Vacuum your carpet at least once a week to remove the dust and debris. Cleaning it regularly will maintain your carpet from getting even dirtier. The dust that sticks too long in a carpet will potentially hard to remove unless by a deep clean.

  1. Shoes off

Do not wear your shoes on the carpet since you will never know what your shoes are bringing from outside. Your guests also need to do the same, so your carpet will remain clean.

  1. Use baking soda rather than carpet powder

Baking soda can effectively remove the odors of carpets. Besides, unlike carpet powder, it will not leave any residue on your carpet. Carpet powder may smell more fragrant, but the side effect is not good for your carpet cleanliness.

  1. Deep clean regularly

Besides the weekly vacuuming, you still need to do the deep clean to make it more hygienic and maintain its softness. Twice a year is the minimum frequency of deep-cleaning the carpet. You can call carpet cleaner service or just do it by yourself. Taking care of this deep cleaning should be left to the professional ones, but what about trying to be professional for your own carpet?

Deep-Cleaning Carpet By Yourself

It will be easier to call someone to come and clean up your carpet rather than doing it by yourself. But what if the carpet cleaner is closed at the crucial time when you really need to clean it fast? In addition, it will be a waste of money if you actually can just do it by yourself. Deep-cleaning the carpet is actually simple as long as you have the carpet cleaner, you can find more information too about best carpet cleaner for old pet urine stains, at other website in the wordl

  1. Prepare the carpet cleaning solution

You can get the carpet cleaning solution easily in the groceries. But you can also make it by yourself with something from your pantry. You need to mix 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon white vinegar and a cup of warm water.

  1. Move the furniture

Move away from all things on the carpet or at least move them to the other corner as you clean the other part. Put away the small objects like toys or buttons or anything you spot on the carpet you’re going to clean.

  1. Do a quick vacuum

Before you vacuum the carpet, you can spread the dry baking soda first. Next, vacuum the carpet thoroughly started from the furthest corner of the room. Move parallelly alongside the wall and move backward just like when you mop the floor. Make sure you’re not wearing shoes while you’re cleaning the carpet or less that will be pointless to clean it.

  1. Clean the hard stain first

If you happen to find a stain that looks tough, clean it first using the cleaning solution and a towel or napkin (prefer white, so you won’t dye your carpet). Blot the stain rather than rub it since it will just move the stain to the other side if you rub it.

  1. Fill the carpet cleaner with carpet cleaning solution

Remove the carpet cleaner’s tank and fill it with hot water. Measure the cleaning solution as needed and add it into the tank. Put the tank back to the carpet cleaner.

  1. Start deep clean

Spot the stain if you did not follow the fourth step or the stain did not go away after you clean it manually. Clean it first and after that go to the furthest corner and follow the instruction of the machine about what direction to move for it’s probably different from one machine to another.

  1. Empty the dirty water

When you see the water already turn dark brown, empty it and refill again if you haven’t finished cleaning. Clean the tank with a quick wash and fill it up with hot water and carpet cleaning solution again.

  1. Let it dry

Although the carpet cleaner sucks the water after it cleans the carpet, you still need to wait a couple minutes to let it dry. You can repeat vacuuming after it dries well to remove the last residue.

That’s all about how to clean your rug or carpet with some good steps. Make sure your carpet clean all the time to make your house or your room look stunning!

The Best Landscape Ideas 2018

The landscape of someone’s house can be designed as they wish. However, they would like it even better if it is designed by their favorite architect. The discussion of “Who are the best architects? and what are the best landscapes?” are in the paragraphs below.

Landscape-Designers Inspirations

There are a bunch of modern landscapers or landscape designers nowadays. Each landscape designer has got their own point of views. You can just pick them based on their preferences that might suit yours. These are the names of the best landscapers.

  • Jim Denevan

Jim might not be an architect, but he is a natural landscape-designer. Being well-known for his work on the crop-circle alien patterns, he only drew the patterns by walking across the frozen lake in Russia. He’s actually a chef and a surfer that has got the skill of a landscape artist. His fragile yet beautiful works have been inspirations for the garden patterns.

  • Christopher Lloyd

The gentleman gardener tradition has made Lloyd’s works become the landscapes of his own remarkable garden in East Sussex. People will follow his instructions about gardening in which he’s got his idea quite challenging in a soft way. For instance, the change he made in replacing the bed of roses with other flowers that have got quite different characteristics.

  • Capability Brown

The greatest England gardener is a real inspiration of landscapers, moreover, those who like to change the look of the gardens into more natural yet elegant way. Brown had made over 170 parks in England in which most of them are still preserved.

  • Vladimir Sitta

Sitta is the founder of Terragram that started his business on the landscape in the 80s. His namely design in Canberra – Australian Dreams – has been a remarkable work that inspires people about a new urban look of a garden that it doesn’t have to be lovely all the time. Instead, the garden will suit the small space with something more contemporary.

  • Helen Dillon

Dillon is a fan of Lloyd that successfully created a wonderful landscape in the town garden in Dublin. She’s got no less than 20 flower species in her landscape that lightens up the town garden.

  • Andre Le Notre

Le Notre was first asked by Louis XIV to create an image of the garden that showed his majestic influence all over the design of the garden in his castle. This design is still preserved until now in Versailles. The fountain Bleau and Chantilly had been his great designs.

  • Mary Reynolds

Mary used the Celtic symbolism combined with the natural touch in her most popular work of contemporary garden design. Combining the element of water and earth as one while polishing natural detail in her work.

Her design looks like a piece of small circle land in the midst of a pond in which its land has got stones arranged on it. Boughs formed into a quarter egg, sheltering a half of the land within a table in it. A bronze crouched-woman is on the other side of the unsheltered part of the land.

  • Charles Jencks

Becoming an architect, an interior designer, as well as a philosopher, made Jencks’ works become spectacularly contemporary. His stay in Scotland had made him create a bunch of designs 200 years before Capability Brown’s existence. The Garden Cosmic has been Jencks’ most influential work.

The Best Landscape Characteristics

Some of the legends of landscapers above are the inspirations you can mix up to make a new look of your own contemporary garden. The great landscape, in fact, has got some particular characteristics which are made to fulfill the aesthetic and function at the same time. These are the main characteristics of the best landscapes.

  • Appropriate plants

Plants in the landscape do not have to vary too much nor they are monotonous. You can just pick three or four plants in your landscape in the limited space, but you can pick more when space is quite bigger. However, try to pick only one color as the accent, so people who see it will find it easy to enjoy.

The plants on the landscape have to be appropriate to the climate for it will be good for the plants and reducing the probability of being wilted. Rather than become exotic, try to be more native in picking up plants.

  • Showing Identity

Agreeing with the legend-landscapers’ concept does not mean you copy their works thoroughly. You can pick some ideas that you find them interesting, but remember to reveal your identity. Your unique side that people do not have will become your own characteristic, so you have a style of your own landscape.

  • Functional

The aesthetical factor clearly matters to a landscape look, yet it will be even better when it is also functional. Although basically all plants processing carbon dioxide into oxygen, each of them has got its own function to the environment. For instance, roses and jasmines function to spread the fragrance. Besides, consider the weakness of some plants that might endanger the people such as the falling branches of the certain tree. Even though the plants could have made more oxygen, but if the branches were far too big, it may cause a trouble for people.

  • Good Lighting

As for the landscape is not only seen during the day, you need to prepare the lighting for the night look. One essential thing to consider is the location of the lighting itself. Make sure that you put the lighting near the accent of the landscape. Put enough lighting so the whole landscape can be seen.

The Latest Modern Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom has been a place for people to relax after the long work hours. Its look definitely matters considering the frequency of people using the bathroom. The modern bathroom has been a popular option for its comfort and simplicity that has got its “style” no matter the budget.

Modern Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom design can only be a personal satisfaction, but can you find something more important than your own satisfaction? First thing before you start designing the bathroom, choose the best furniture to fill it. The bathroom furniture has evolved over centuries and always bringing new ideas and fresh look that will make the bathroom owner enjoy it more.

  1. Bathtub

Back then bathtub’s form is merely oval. The modern look of a bathtub can be seen in the freestanding tub. The freestanding bathtub is more to rectangular shape rather than oval. Its comforts is undeniable since the inside of this box-looking bathtub adjusting the curve of the body. This bathtub usually stands in the middle of the bathroom rather than fixed onto the wall.

  1. Toilet

There are a bunch of options for modern toilets you can find on the internet. The latest model of the toilet is the one that uses the least water, has the most elegant look and the highest technology. The domination of the toilet color is still white, but the black toilet is also something.

The most high-tech toilet is made in Japan with features that keep on improving by days. The most wanted features today are the automatic lid opener, seat warmer, deodorizer, air dryer, etc.

  1. Mirror

Adding up a mirror to your bathroom is a nice idea to make it look more spacious. The best mirror is the floor to ceiling one. It emphasizes the great look of your bathroom although probably it’s not that big. However, if your bathroom is too small or cramped, you better don’t add up a big mirror for it will just make it look more cramped.

  1. Lighting

The bathroom doesn’t require a sparkling bright lighting. It just needs the dim and calming light as it is a place to relax and it’s not like you need a light for studying nor reading. The dim light also needs to be placed in the right places to make it great. The modern toilets usually put it behind the mirror to accentuate the frame.

Besides lamps, you can use the natural resource of the light by putting a window next to your bathtub. Choose the one that blinds from outside so you still have your privacy. It obviously only works during the daylight.

  1. Bathmat

Rather than pay for the bath curtain which somehow doesn’t look elegant, you can allocate the money for buying the best bathmat. The mat should be comfortable for your feet, fluffy and absorbing. More importantly, it should be safe so there will be no unwanted incidents in your bathroom. In addition, you need to pick the bathmat that suits your bathroom color.

  1. Towel warmer

This is for the elite touch for your bathroom. To make your towel always toasty whenever you want to use it, you can add a towel warmer into your list. Installing this equipment in your bathroom may not be cheap but it’s priceless for those who look for after-bath comfort.

  1. Underfloor heating

Sometimes it is called radiant heating. This heating system will keep your feet warm after you finished bathing. This heating system can be built for controlling the whole house temperature as central heating or localized in a particular area in the house. If you only need to warm up your toes afterbath, you can just install it for the bathroom floor. And voila! You’ve got the comfiest bathroom ever.

The Design of Modern Bathroom

The modern bathroom has got a typical look as it has modern furniture inside. What you need to do next is to arrange things you have chosen for the inside of your bathroom. Make sure that you have enough space to put the furniture if you don’t want to get cramped inside your bathroom. The modern bathroom basically has got these following designs.

  1. Mid-century Look

Natural colors, geometric shapes, and straight lines dominate this design. You’re going to need a midcentury furniture that will be the center look of the bathroom. It can be a sofa or a mini closet. You can add up the freestanding bathtub in this design. Most importantly, the concept of this design emphasizes the comfort, vintage-modern look and cleanliness.

  1. Minimalist and Elegant Look

Minimalist design has been the most favorite design for all rooms in a house. Applying it to the bathroom will be just great. The most obvious concept of this design is that space for you to move around is bigger than space for the furniture. You can still add up small touch like the picture on the wall – but not too big – and also small flower pot next to the mirror.

Kitchen Designs Inspiration 2018

Kitchen designs have evolved far beyond the time when humans first invented stove. Kitchen designs have got improved and attracted so much attention especially about aesthetic than ever before. Back then, the kitchen was just a space for people processing food. Yet now kitchen has been a part of a house that deserves fine decorating. This year’s kitchen designs have got more to the small detail and elegant-color picking as the focus.

Kitchen designs inspiration

Making a fine looking kitchen will not only impress your guests but also level up your pride since it has been a part of your house. In other words, it’s a part of you. This is not too much to say, the house reflects people’s personality. Your house was mostly chosen by your preference, so it simply symbolizes your utmost self. These are the characteristics of kitchen designs inspiration in 2018.

  1. Thematic Designs

The designs that come these days are along with the theme brought by the house thoroughly. For instance, the house that has got a vintage theme will make it goes the same for the whole rooms including the kitchen.

As for the vintage themed house, you can put Mediterranean tiles in the center spots to strengthen its spirit of vintage. The classic patterns shown in Mediterranian tiles can bring a peaceful image of the kitchen. An old touch of vintage furniture such as a rusted-looking lamp, the wooden ancient chair can put the kitchen into its soul. Moreover, adding more vintage kitchen properties will just make it more bizarre.

  1. Minimalist Look

The ideal kitchen’s appearance is the one that only put the kitchen basics, such as a countertop, sink, cooktop, and drawers. The idea is to put those many things in one place without consuming too much space.

The technology will play a big role here since innovations keep on fulfilling people’s need in many ways. For instance, a sink that will level up to the countertop when it is not used. You can just open the tap and the water will just flow as it’s watering the countertop. But fear not, the sink will automatically lower down itself when it detects water. This technology will certainly help you to get more countertop space when you are not washing the dishes.

  1. Dramatic lighting

The lamps in modern kitchens look rather than just a planted lamps, they are more to the pendants hanging along right above the countertop. These pendants will create a dramatical look in your modern kitchen. They come in various shapes like the flashlight shape – that requires more pendants in a row because they are small – or the concrete shape that requires about three pendants only with four lamps in each of the pendants.

Kitchen Colours Inspiration

You can apply those characteristics above to your kitchen to make it all looks avant-garde. Combine each idea that matches your personality rather than combining based on what seems to be the most pricey or the most sophisticated technology. Besides the kitchen characteristics of its equipment and style, you need to think about the colors as well. This is just as essential as the kitchen stuff for each color defines itself.

  • Navy Look

This look will require a navy look all over your cooktop, drawers, and cupboard to accentuate its boldness. The deep color of blue symbolizes the ocean. It reflects intuition, space, and freedom of the owner of the kitchen. Moreover, there is a research proving that blue is a color that calms people’s tension and makes a comfortable feeling for those who look at it.

  • White Variants

White has always been the most elegant color ever. The modern look in white will suit to any other color, yet white has got more than one variant such as pale powder, paper white, and a white dove.

  • Pale powder

This color brings up coziness into your kitchen in many ways. The color is somewhat relaxing for its softness. This color fits in traditional-look kitchen design. Combining it with blue or green will make a perfect natural touch.

  • Paperwhite

The white paper has got the whiter look than pale powder and it’s got soul as the palest blue. Its calming color will bring out its perfection by combining it with grey as the accent. The breezy kitchen will be perfect with this color for its muted sense.

  • White Dove

A universal color that most people use for ageless painting is a white dove. The combination of a little bit yellow or a little bit grey in your cabinets will make it more alive. This color suits the design that allows the ceiling uncovered. The upper part of the kitchen will accentuate the color of the wood which will make it look even bolder.

  1. Colorful pastels

If one color doesn’t suit you, you can always try to put more colors into your kitchen. The most used color for the modern kitchen is pastel color. Its softness carries a good vibrant into the kitchen. The tender look of pastel colors give some comforts for a good mood cooking. The most favorite pastel color for the kitchen is mint green and pastel blue for it symbolizes the nature in the gentlest way.

The pastel color is best combined with white or pale grey since it becomes the accent of the kitchen. It is not suitable for you to combine it with a darker color since it will ruin the design as well as ruin your mood just by seeing it.

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