Launch Day of the 3rd Annual Photo Contest: June 12, 10am-1pm

Registration: $10

Special Photo Contest Botanical Center membership: $15

The special membership gives you free admission to the Botanical Center for the duration of the contest.

Checks, cash or credit. Checks payable to the Botanical Center Conservancy.

Registration on going to October 2.

Hunt's Photo and Video will be on site with items to purchase such as cameras, filters, lenses, lights, and tripods.

Sony will also join us. They will have cameras and lenses to look at and try but not to loan out.

Tamron Lens will be on site with lenses available for photographers to try.

The Photographic Society of Rhode Island will have information to share and photographers available to answer questions.

11am Photography lecture:
Botanical Photography A. Cemal Ekin

Plants of any sort, from tiny flowers to very large trees and anything in between, inspire many to capture them in photographs. The tools available today make the technical aspects of this work reasonably easy. The challenge is to superimpose photographic qualities and sensibilities on the marvels of nature. This one-hour presentation will focus mainly on aesthetic and some technical issues for creating rewarding photographs of botanical subjects.