As it gets colder outside, the warmth of the tropical greenhouses draw you in. But before you get to the greenhouses, stop and enjoy two special plants along the way. Follow the first paved path to your left a short way and at the path intersection, enjoy the last blooming plant in the garden, the Japanese Camellia. Return to the main path and as you reach the top of the climb, look to your right and admire the ‘Snowsprite’ Cedar. 

Anytime the winter is getting you down, visit the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center for a tropical daytrip. Enter a tropical wonderland through the greenhouse doors. Stroll through 4 greenhouses with over 200 species of tropical and desert plants from around the world. This list is just a monthly highlight. How many plants do you recognize? Orchids, birds of paradise, begonias, a koi pond and a carnivorous plant bog await your discovery. Pass through the Moongate into Greenhouse 2. This area can be transformed for weddings and concerts. Then pass through the doors into 2 more greenhouses. Greenhouse 3 is split into a large classroom/workshop area and a smaller area of garden beds. Can you find the bananas?  Go through the small passageway into Greenhouse 4. More cactus, begonias, papayas and other exotics. Can you find the carnivorous hanging pitcher plants in Greenhouse 4?