The Botanical Center Conservancy is a proud sponsor of first-ever art exhibit at  the Botanical Center.

Master Gardener: Jazz band brings harmony to R.I. conservatory / Photos


Lovers of nature and jazz aficionados alike were treated to the sounds of The Superchief Trio at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center on Sunday, March 16, as part of the park’s Spring Concert Series... 




The first-ever concert series at the Botanical Center was inaugurated by the Superchief Trio on March 16, and one person shared what she thought about it on her Master Gardener blog.

From the November 2013 newsletter of the Rhode Island Horticultural Society

Did you know that a group of dedicated individuals got together and formed a non- profit organization dedicated to enriching the community’s experience at the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park?

The Botanical Center Conservancy was established in the Spring of 2013. The Center's Conservatory, located in Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island, and the largest indoor public garden in New England, opened in 2007. That year also saw the beginning of the country's worst economic crisis in decades. The city of Providence and the state of Rhode Island are still struggling to regain their economic strengths. For the Botanical Center, the recession

cut deeply into the resources available to maintain the Center's gardens, and perennial beds became seriously overgrown and unwieldy.

In 2011, several Master Gardeners began volunteer work at the Center every Monday under the auspices of the University of Rhode Island's College of Environment and Life Sciences. As a result of their efforts, overgrown perennial beds were weeded, pruned and thinned, extensive areas have been mulched, and special events using garden materials have been initiated.

Against this background of stringent economies, a group of

Master Gardeners and friends founded the Conservancy to assist the Center and the city of Providence.

Through direct maintenance programs such as those organized by the Master Gardeners, through events that attract the public and bring in revenue, and through raising funds to supplement public funding, the Botanical Center Conservancy is committed to seeing the Botanical Center become a superb urban garden destination.