June is busting out all over. The Summer Garden is beginning to fill out, and many trees and shrubs are blooming. 

As you enter the gate, right in front of you spread out through 6 beds is the Summer Garden. This is filled with over 100 different kinds of perennials that will bloom through the late fall. Ornamental grasses and a few shrubs add winter interest and structure.

We’ve highlighted some June bloomers on this page for you to find. Several are in the Summer Garden. The shrubs and small trees you can find by going through the gardens to reach Hillside 2 and the Rose Maze to enjoy up close.

Many other plants are in bloom and many have signs to help you identify them. Most of the plants you see throughout these gardens have been sourced locally in RI or SE MA. A little exploration this year will help you find new plants.

If you see community volunteers in the gardens especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while you are visiting stop and chat with them and ask about the plants that interest you.

Before you leave be sure to head inside to the greenhouses. The plants are thriving and many new plants are being added this summer. By the fall, look for our new exhibit highlighting tropical edible plants from around the world.