Rules for the Sale of Photographs at the 2015 Botanical Center Photo Contest R

All photos offered for sale must have the photographer's identifying information on the back of the matted photo as stated in the Information and Rules for the Photo Contest.

When photographers arrive at the Botanical Center on October 4 to register for the exhibition, they will identify which, if any, of their exhibited photos are for sale and the price of those photos. All exhibited photographs will be given, at registration, an identifying number and letter. In addition, exhibited photos will be further identified by a special sticker placed on the mat of the photo with the price of the photo or NFS if the photo is not for sale.

All non-exhibited photos that are for sale are to be labelled by the photographer with the photographer's name and the price. Shared display bins will be provided for all non-exhibited photos brought for sale.

All sales for exhibited and non-exhibited photos will be completed at the registration table by the Botanical Center Conservancy (BCC). The BCC will send a check to the photographer less a 10% donation to the Conservancy.