The Flora at the Botanical Center

Browse through these posts to find interesting facts about the trees and plants at the Botanical Center.

The plants in the outdoor gardens have been chosen so that Botanical Center visitors will find something of interest throughout the year.  Winter Garden plants may have defoliating bark, shimmering needles, and colorful berries. Summer Garden plants start blooming in late Spring and continue to provide a display of color and texture into November. The Rose Maze while spectacular in June is worth a visit at any time.

The plants in the Conservatory, Mediterranean room and other greenhouses thrive in a tropical setting. You will find plants that do well in rainforests where they may get up to 100 inches of rain a year and plants that will survive in desert areas with less than 10 inches of rain a year. Seasonal displays change several times during the year and enhance the permanent beds. Of particular note is the poinsettia display from early November to mid January.